Preschool Internet Marketing

Whether you are opening your doors in three months or have been in business for ten years your preschool can benefit from a solid search engine optimization strategy. When a potential parent is typing in those magic keywords in their search for a new preschool or daycare center for their child, your goal is to be on page one of the search results.

I say page one because some people obsess about being in first place for a particular search query. While their are definitely advantages to this, I have seen too many business owners spend a great deal of effort on this accomplishment and miss out on other opportunities. Here are the facts.

  1. Most parents will look at more than at least two websites in their search for something as important as the school for their child
  2. Many people have specific criteria they are looking for and will conduct a combination of searches to find the results they are looking for

A Local SEO Strategy for Your School

Let’s focus on the first page of your website and put all of the technical elements aside. Google and the other search engines are looking for the same things on your page as a parent would. This is how the algorithm knows it is providing a relevant and informative search result. Keep in mind those last two descriptors as we are moving forward.

  • Your Address
  • Phone Number
  • Hours of Operation
  • Instruction on how to schedule an appointment for visit
  • Perhaps a link to “About Us”
  • A few paragraphs introducing your school to the visitor

Be sure this information is not embedded into an image. It needs to be actual text that Google can read in the code. You want to focus this content on the visitor so they have a clear understanding right off the bat of who you are as an organization.

We are a Montessori Preschool in Hingham, MA

Follow on with refining the detail. Get more descriptive and make it sound inviting to the visitor. Put some photos on the home page (and the other pages you create).

If you have a video of someone welcoming people or perhaps the Director or even a teacher talking about the philosophy behind your school, have it embedded right there on the home page.

Supporting Pages Within Your Website

Start being predictive about what your parents want to know before they end up at your location and create sub-pages to your website.

About the Facilities is very useful to people. Number of students, teacher to pupil ratio, list of the teachers, assure people of your security measures.

Our Philosophy is another. Maybe a little history and then an overview of the belief system behind your teaching methodology.

very basic element is to be sure to add your city name to pages. We need to think a bit like a search engine. Don’t add ten instances of Hingham just have it in the text and make it feel forced. Without the city however, Google has a hard time discerning the hundreds of thousands of pages online that it sees as relevant for the search¬†“Montessori school in Hingham, Ma”

Links to Your Daycare Website

Having quality information on your website helps Google to understand your business and what you want to rank for. It helps to focus on relevance. As mentioned before there are often times hundreds of thousands of other pages either trying to rank for that term or inadvertently doing so just because the terms are closely related.

So Google looks for signals through backlinks. These are clickable links from other websites to yours. It helps Google to add authority to your site.

Here is an example. If you join your local chamber of commerce and they add your organization to their members list, you’ll often times see a link to your website there. Google sees the Chamber website as a trustworthy site with some authority. The Chamber is local to that area and it picks up on the link to your site passing authority to your site.

Another example is perhaps a local blog writes a post about the  Best Daycares in the Area voted upon by their readers and your is one. If the add a link to your site, it passes value.

This overviw is a simplification of how SEO works for Preschools and it is a great place to start. If you do want to talk to a professional and discuss how we can help you to rank your website to drive more visitors, give us a call.