Digital Marketing Corner Podcast

Digital Marketing Corner Podcast

Internet Marketing Advice For Small Business
The Social Media Accounts That Impact Your Business
There are literally hundreds and to some extent thousands of social media platforms online where you can promote your business. Social media accounts set up...
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How to Start Learning Search Engine Optimization
Optimizing Your Small Business Website For Google You may be a business owner in need of more leads, a college student wanting to learn more...
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Marketing For Your Small Business Can Be Easy

There are plenty of websites and blogs giving small businesses tips on how to run paid ads or set up a website.

Very few seem to focus on how to use online tools or answer straightforward questions to help troubleshoot issues or even provide a strategy that focuses directly on their industry.

These and many other related topics are why I created The Digital Marketing Corner. Internet Marketing does not need to be intimidating and no one person should have to master it all. This is an opportunity to be introduced to these online mediums and to try them out so you can decide what works for you or your company.

Digital Marketing Corner Podcast

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There is no reason small businesses can’t compete online. Believe it or not, the big brands do not have a monopoly on Google. But until you try, you will never know what works for you or your company.