Digital Marketing Corner Podcast

Digital Marketing Corner Podcast

Internet Marketing Advice For Small Business

Marketing For Your Small Business Can Be Easy

There are plenty of websites and blogs giving small businesses tips on how to run paid ads or set up a website.

Very few seem to focus on how to use online tools or answer straightforward questions to help troubleshoot issues or even provide a strategy that focuses directly on their industry.

These and many other related topics are why I created The Digital Marketing Corner. Internet Marketing does not need to be intimidating and no one person should have to master it all. This is an opportunity to be introduced to these online mediums and to try them out so you can decide what works for you or your company.

Marketing Made Simple

There is no reason small businesses can’t compete online. Believe it or not, the big brands do not have a monopoly on Google. But until you try, you will never know what works for you or your company.

Digital Marketing Corner Podcast

Blog Articles For Small Business

Why I Started the Digital Marketing Corner

So you want to learn how to do digital marketing. Oh sure, it all looks glamorous.

Wrestling with Google, contributing to the online community, making a website shine online.

Most people want to learn for three reasons. They either would like to:

take control of the marketing for their own business

work for a company in an online marketing role

have heard you can do this stuff on the side, at home and make extra money fairly easily

To a degree, these are all correct.

The best part is that all of the knowledge you could ever want is available free of charge all over the internet. I am extremely serious about this statement. Some information is good, some is outdated, some is completely wrong (written by people that have never tried the strategy they are talking about). One thing for sure is there is a lot of stuff out there. I strive to cut through it all and bring you the basic information in as non technical a way as possible.

Never take the word of anyone you hear about without trying it yourself.